Why You Should Invest in Anguilla Off-Shore Businesses

The northernmost Leeward Island, Anguilla, is a patch of 35 miles in the Caribbean. Commonly called “Tranquility Wrapped in Blue,” Anguilla is an exclusive island and vacation destination; however it presents many investment and asset management opportunities as well.


The law is common jurisdiction, supplemented by a House of Assembly from the British Government. Businesses that have been incorporated in Anguilla are governed by the International Business Companies Act, which makes Anguilla a neutral tax area. This neutral tax zone means all companies that register benefit from the zero-tax advantage. This makes Anguilla an excellent location to form your offshore company, trust, foundation, or captive insurance company.


Here are some other compelling reasons to use one of Anguilla’s business structures:

Anguilla Offshore


  • Stable Democratically Elected Government
  • Proactive cutting-edge and pro-business legislation
  • English speaking offshore jurisdiction
  • Stable Economy
  • Professional Guidance Provided by Experienced Lawyers and CPA’s


Best of all, the infrastructure of Anguilla is a well-developed one, allowing both individuals and companies access to real solutions and opportunities to achieve their aims.


Although Anguilla is the smallest of the islands, it had some of the highest growth rates in the 1980’s- this is due to such an emphasis on not only diversifying the tourist industry, but complementing it as well with its increase in offshore jurisdiction for discerning investors.


For more information on starting a business in Anguilla, contact First Anguilla Trust, and we can help with any questions or concerns you might have. There are a lot of questions involved with investing and creating businesses, so please, let us assist you!

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