Owning Property in an Offshore Company


There are so many different things that offshore companies have to offer that it can almost be overwhelming at times. Many wonder why they should have property in their off shore company- what is all the fuss about? What are the benefits associated with it?


Offshore companies have the ability to handle many different types of property transactions. Real Estate is something that is especially suited for offshore companies. Ownership is extremely simplified and it is a great form of assets protection because it offers a buffer between the owner and the company itself. This would help relieve any sense of personal liability. An example of this would be when a person is harmed while occupying a property.


If you were selling a property, the costs of transferring the property would be much lower because the ownership of the land is still with the company. The Government Land Registry would not be involved so the share transfer would also be much easier than the alternative.


One last thing that is helpful about having your property through an offshore company is that passing this property along to children or other family members becomes simplified as well. Trusts and wills can be set up and put into place using a third person party and they can make sure your wills and trusts are seen through, especially it comes to your property and other assets.


If you are looking to invest in other companies and get involved in properties in Anguilla, feel free to contact us.

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