Using Offshore Companies for Trusts

anguilla trusts

There are many reasons why people would consider using an offshore company for trusts. Two of the biggest advantages are reduced tax and increased confidentiality. Offshore companies in general are flexible, so they can be integrated into many different business arrangements.

There could be some taxes of course, but many find that they get a sizable tax break on their trusts when they take advantage of offshore jurisdictions. You will always want to make sure that you’re well educated of the process and decisions, particularly when it involves another country that you may or may not know all the laws of.

When it comes to having a trust, you want to ensure that no matter what it is you are protecting (valuables, assets, shares of a company), you are leaving it with someone you trust, and who knows the business well. The advantages of someone having property or shares of a company outside of their own county are simple: there would be many legal fees and publicity that would be avoided.

If you have property overseas, there are many difficulties and expenses that can be avoided if you were to use an offshore company to hold the title. Not to mention, if the property were to be sold in the future engaging in a company like First Anguilla Trust would make it much easier.

Working with First Anguilla Trust would ensure that you will be able to keep personal property with us, but that you can leave your business assets to us as well.

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